A downloadable Wrong Adventure for Windows

Hi! My nick is Haioner and i developed that game to #CommunityGameJam

History : A guy was summoned to an another world, and the kingdom needs you. But something its not right in that history...


Move - W A S D

Jump - Space

RUN - Shift

Attack - Click

Upgrade - U

Esc - Pause

#Fantasy #Adventure #RPG

Install instructions

Extract the Winrar folder and run the "Wrong Adventure" file exe!



WrongAdventureGame.rar 37 MB


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That music playing in the background sounds so good.
The generell gameplay feals pretty good, but gets repetative after a while.
And can you explain the connection to the theme, I think I missed it and am curious to know.

Nice game i can say. I really appreciate monster models and light. Only one thing is that hp donn't regen or regen to slowly to see :)

Yeah i saw that too kwqfjkqs i should have make more faster. Thank-you for playing ^~^