A downloadable game for Windows

You have sleep paralysis and end up dreaming of the monster having to run away from it.


  • You can hold a candle
  • Some toys have bug colliders, need to look at in different directions.
  • You can open some cabinets

You need to find 12 toys to keep the girl helping you. If you don't find anything, it won't help you.

Game Jam #BrackeysGameJam

Stronger Together 

Theme idea : If you keep looking for the girl toys, she will help you not to die. What makes you strong against the monster.


Paralysis.rar 77 MB


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Cool game !

Really fun short game :).

Thanks for playing, i'll try make more harder and less buggy next time xD

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Glad you liked it. sorry for the bugs and bad optimization, I fixed some. ^~^